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The unique new generation device created using the innovation Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) provides efficient solutions to multiple aesthetic skin issues, including the problem of unwanted hair.

The Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) is the next generation of intense pulsed light. This technology offers greater light emission and allows for deeper penetration of light into tissue, which is both efficient and safe for hair removal.

Photo-depilation is carried out without damaging the surrounding tissue. The device may be used on all skin types, has the ability to treat any hair texture and color, on all parts of the body. «SPA Alma Laser» device offers such advantages as high efficiency and painless depilation procedure:

  • Efficiency: The luminous flow energy travels harmlessly through the epidermis and dermis until it strikes the hair follicle, which contains a dense, melanin-rich hair shaft and bulb. The dark-colored melanin absorbs the light and rises slowly in temperature, destroying the hair-producing cells surrounding the follicle. Because the heat is not sustained, however, no damage occurs outside the follicle area.

  • Pain free: a special applicator includes contact cooling which ensures painless treatment (Pain Free- Hair Free procedure). The thermal impact of light pulses is compensated by contact cooling, making the photo-depilation process absolutely painless.

Advantages of AFT «SPA Alma Laser» system

  • Efficient, quick and safe hair removal.
  • High power of AFT-depilation allows getting results with minimum treatments.
  • Only AFT-depilation of Spa SHR system is painless. This is possible thanks to the unique technology providing gradual heating of the treated area, thus gently preparing the skin in the laser-affected area and excluding impact on skin pain receptors, at the same time maintaining powerful and dense energy flow to destroy hair follicles.
  • The system modules are equipped with contact cooling and use IN-Motion technology (operation in motion) for practically painless treatment.
  • Depilation done by the SHR module is totally harmless for any skin type, even for the most sensitive and dark skin. Besides, the method allows successful dealing with unwanted vellus hair, which makes the technology even more in demand.
  • The AFT technology allows getting an evenly distributed light current. This means the each impulse has the same energy density values. Such light flow density guarantees safety, as well as positive results.
  • If you buy 5 treatments (subscription certificate) - 10%
  • If you buy 10 treatments (subscription certificate) - 20%

AFT «SPA Alma Laser»: for women


  • Above upper lip from 60.- to 120.-
  • Chin 80.-
  • Cheeks 90.-
  • Total eyebrows from 80.- to 100.-
  • Lower face, temple area and neck 250.-
  • Neck 100.-


  • Armpits 99.-
  • Buttocks from 190.- to 250.-
  • Bikini for bathing suit 150.-
  • Deep bikini 190.-
  • Total bikini 240.-
  • Lower back 250.-
  • Upper arm (without shoulder) 200.-
  • Lower arm 150.-
  • Total arms 220.-
  • 1/2 of leg (including knee) 300.-
  • Total legs 500.-
  • Toes or fingers from 20.- to 40.-

Discounts for AFT «SPA Alma Laser» treatments:

  • Armpits + deep bikini - 5%
  • 1/2 leg (including knee) + armpits + deep bikini - 8%
  • Total legs + armpits + bikini - 8%

AFT «SPA Alma Laser»: for men

  • Lower arms or legs from 70.- to 100.-
  • Eyebrows 100.-
  • Beard (cheeks +neck) 250.-
  • Neck 120.-
  • Back of the neck 200.-
  • Back from 300.- to 600.-
  • 1/2 arm 220.-
  • Total arms 300.-
  • Armpits 120.-

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Was revealed to know that there are professionals existing in Geneva who know and appreciate the meaning to beauty and care ! Thank you ! Recommended!

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Alina is a professional and does any treatment with full very accurate performance. Have many treatments depending on what you would like with very good (actually working!) products. Definitely best lashes extentions even after many best Moscow professionals.

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